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National Club

American Kennel Club

Inland Northwest All-Breed Clubs

Ephrata-Moses Lake Kennel Club (Apr 15-16)

Palouse Hills Dog Fanciers (Apr 21-22)

Lewis-Clark Kennel Club  (Apr 23-24)

Walla Walla Kennel Club (Apr 29-30 in Pendleton)

Coeur d'Alene Dog Fanciers (May 29-30)

Yakima Valley Kennel Club (June 3-4)

Inland Empire Kennel Association (Jul 15-16)

Richland Kennel Club (Sep 30-Oct 1)

Wenatchee Kennel Club (Oct 21-22)

Inland Northwest Limited Breed/Specialty Clubs

Bulldog Club of Eastern Washington

Chow Chow Club of Eastern Washington

Eastern Washington Non-Sporting Club

Greater Spokane Shetland Sheepdog Club

Inland Empire Brittany Club

Inland Empire Collie Club

Inland Empire English Springer Spaniel Club

Inland Empire Golden Retriever Club

Inland Empire German Shorthaired Pointer Club

Panorama Poodle Club of Mt. Spokane

Southeastern Washington Hound Club

Spokane Boxer Club

Training Clubs

Lilac City Dog Training Club

Spokane Bird Dog Association

Spokane Dog Training Club 

Working Dogs Information

Therapy Dogs International

Delta Society

Working Dogs Information

Dog Health and Welfare

AKC Canine Health Foundation

AKC Companion Animal Recovery

American Veterinary Medical Association

The Dog Food Project

Internal Parasites

National Animal Interest Alliance

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA)

Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine  

Local Animal Rescue

SpokAnimal Care

Spokane Humane Society 

Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service (SCRAPS) (Serves the City of Spokane and Spokane County)

Dog Supplies

3-C's Dog Show and Grooming Supplies


Pet Edge 

Omaha Vaccine



Revival Animal 

Show Entry

Info Dog

Onofrio Dog Shows


Dog Show Humor

Dog Show People-Newcomers Field Guide